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DNS Services

I operate an RBL/ORDB-style DNS lookup service for blocking people who have sent me spam. Access is in the normal fashion; to look up A.B.C.D send a DNS "A" request for D.C.B.A.spam.pedantic.org. and you will get a result of if and only if that address is in the listing.

To request removal from the spam list, email webmaster@pedantic.org with a description of what was done to solve the problem that allowed that address to send spam. Please note that if you are using a shared email server from an email service provider like Google, you'll need to have them deal with the issue and contact us.

To look up spam from a given IP address that shows up on the spam.pedantic.org list, enter the IP address here:

Yellow Dots from Color Printers

I have information about the yellow dots placed on pages by some models of color printers. This is part of the EFF effort to track down and decipher such dots.